Water, Air & Sunlight


Every function of the body relies on water.
Water is a natural way to clean the body internally and externally.
Consuming other beverages will not cleanse and refurbish the body.
Without consuming enough water, the body’s tissues and cells will become dehydrated.
Dehydration can result in serious health conditions including stroke and heart disease.
Drinking eight glasses of water a day will replace the water the body loses each day.


In order for the body to survive it must have oxygen.
The heart sends blood to the lungs where it drops off carbon dioxide for elimination and picks up fresh oxygen for delivery to every cell in the body.
Breathing in fresh air improves brain function by changing the level of serotonin.
Taking slow deep breaths lowers stress and distributes oxygen throughout your body.
Disordered breathing can lead to many problems: fatigue, pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence, anxiety, neck and back pain to name a few!


Moderate amounts sunshine has many benefits.
The vitamin D from sunlight can lower body cholesterol.
Vitamin D also can help in the prevention of some cancers and aides in the absorption of calcium.
In small doses, many skin diseases improve with sunlight.
Sunshine can help mental health by increasing the amount of endorphins in the brain as well as melatonin for a better nights sleep.