O - Shot

The O-Shot (R) is a procedure for women that is life changing! Finally, help for incontinence, vaginal pain, pelvic pain……patients have been responding very well!

The O-Shot for me made a dramatic change and relieved symptoms of pain from adhesions I had since a surgery alomost 2 years ago. Watch here to hear more about the O-SHOT (R)   


Thanks to Dr. Charles Runels the developer of the procedure, thousands of women around the world are being helped with incontinence, painful intercourse, relief from the pain of lichen sclerosis, and improved well being.

Some women have a constant inability to achieve orgasm that can be due to a variety of factors including hormonal fluctuations, side effects from medications, health conditions and even feelings of unhappiness in a relationship.
Other women suffer from incontinence, painful sex, or vaginal and pelvic floor pain.  All of which interfere with a fulfilling life.
The O-Shot procedure is a simple injection that stimulates the rejuvenating qualities of your body’s natural healing ability to regenerate the pelvic tissues and organs.

The procedure is discussed in Prevention Magazine: Prevention Magazine Talks about the O-Shot® Procedure… — O-Shot®
You can visit Dr. Runels official website and at this link you can read an interview of Dr. Runel’s   http://oshot.info/o-shot-procedure-in-tatler-magazine/#.WFCRndIrK70


The procedure explained by Dr. Anette K. S. Schilling Mnabhi, trained and certified O-shot provider:
“Blood is drawn from you, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from your blood, platelet derived growth factors (PDGF) are concentrated and activated.
After numbing the sites to be injected with a numbing cream, very specific sites of the genitalia are painlessly injected in an effort to increase sexual sensation and curb urinary incontinence.”


The O-Shot is a simple in-office procedure to help female urinary incontinence, boost sex life, enhance sexual arousal/response and rejuvenate the general overall health of female genitalia and self confidence.


Any female who struggles with urinary incontinence, painful sex, dyspareunia, or decreased arousal during orgasm can benefit from the O-Shot.

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Dr. Anette

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