Causes Of Your Pain

Many medical practices offer “pain management” services. Our goal is not to manage your pain, but to determine the cause, find out why your body continues to generate pain messages, and seek to help your body in healing by providing support and eliminating the cause of your pain.
We think of it as solving a medical mystery. Hunting for the clues your history and your body offers as to what has happened and what it needs for healing and recovery.
Using a traditional osteopathic approach we take into consideration how the structure of the body relates to the function.
There are many factors that can be a part of chronic pain:
Hormonal Imbalances
Nutritional deficiences or excesses
Past trauma and accidents
New trauma and accidents
Any combination of the above
In most cases your story will provide the needed clues to unravel the mystery of your pain and provide the direction needed to get on a path to healing and recovery.