Thew Only Things Constant is Change-All We Can Control is Our Attitude Towards It!

December is here already. It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was talking about starting the year detoxing and cleansing. And now the year is almost over. It has been an amazing year, with some unexpected events. Change.


We cannot always anticipate what will happen to us, and sometimes when an event occurs, or a series of events occur, it can be overwhelming, and shake us up. Some people become victims, some people grow stronger from the same experiences.
Dealing with health care issues is no different. We don’t really want to have to think about how we eat, sleep, live, or in some cases have to be mindful of choices daily and add extra activities like juicing, taking vitamins, supplements or even medications to be well. There is no replacement for health and wellness. And there is no quick fix.
Lifestyle is the only way to build a sound immune system, to help our bodies be well. A positive attitude is the only way to have a resistance to the negative events that come our way. In January I will begin a course of study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. They have an amazing program, great teachers and focus on the essentials providing tools to life a healthy lifestyle.
As the course progresses, I will share highlights in the blog. My goals are two-fold: 1. give more structure to nutrition and lifestyle changes in our practice and, 2. continue to improve our one practices in lifestyle for our own health.
Step off the treadmill of the status quo, make a commitment to healthy living and healthy choices today and each day.
A positive attitude is a great starting point in improving your health.
A saying I came across once says: ” The same fire that melts the butter hardens the egg.”
Can you look at the stresses in your life, the health challenges that you face and view them in a different light? Can you create a positive attitude towards the negatives that can be health promoting instead of health defeating?
As the chaos of the holidays surround us, take time to live at your own pace, enjoy your family and friends and make healthy choices!