Synergy Health Care- Metamorphasis

What does it mean to become a Doctor of Osteopathy? What is Osteopathy? Dr. AT Still, founder of Osteopathy urged his students to look for health. As an engineer, he spoke often of the doctor of osteopathy being like a master mechanic.


Learning the structure and function of the human body, from the tiniest cells to the large muscles and bones is a foundation and starting point in the journey to becoming a doctor of osteopathy. Anatomy is at the heart of the practice of osteopathy.
Whether developing skills in Osteopathy for children, Cranial Osteopathy, or Visceral Osteopathy, a sound knowledge of anatomy is essential.
The duty of the physician, according to Dr. Still “… is to know that the engine kept is in so perfect a condition that there will be no functional disturbance to any nerve, vein, or artery that supplies and governs the skin, the fascia, the muscle, the blood or any fluid that should freely circulate to sustain life and renovate the system from depostis that would cause what we call disease.” p220 Philosophy of Osteopathy
To become a doctor of osteopathy is to embrace a life long journey of learning.
Learning to know the structure and function of the human body.
Learning to find health.
Learning to find barriers to healing.
Learning new ways to help our patients achieve recovery, restoration and rejuvenation.
It is a lifelong process of metamorphasis, from student to physician, physician to student, and back again.