Synergy Health Care - The Health Benefits of Honey

Honey, Honey and more Honey! Stories about honey are everywhere from children’s tales such as Winnie the Pooh to Biblical references.


Honey is the earliest sweetner used by humans and there are references that beekeeping existed as far back as the early Egyptians who used honey in embalming, in medicine and for food.
Bees travel about 40,000 miles to produce one pound of honey and may visit up to two million flowers. Honey comes in a variety of colors and flavors-depending on the flowers the bee collects nectar from. There are over 300 varieties of honey.
The unique composition of honey gives it several medical uses. You have a multipurpose medicine right in your pantry!
Honey is:
An effective broadspectrum antibacterial agent and helps wounds heal.
A good cough medicine-it acts as an expectorant.
Useful in helping wounds heal faster by promoting the formation of new tissues.
Shown to have anti-tumor properties (due to chrysin-a flavinoid).
A concentrated sweetening agent and has 64 calories per teaspoon. It is not calorie free.
NOT recommended for infants less than 1 year of age, since it can have Clotridium botunlinum spores in it, and this would put the infants at risk for developing infant botulism.
Are you coughing? bothered with wounds that won’t heal? Remember the healing benefits of honey!!
Put honey to work for your health today!