Sleep - Essential for Health, Healing and Restoration

2013 is well underway. Here it is March already, although today it feels like December and a winter wonderland outside with all the snow we just got.


I started the year taking a look at some detox options. Sleep is a critical part of the equation. In looking for tools to heal as well as to stay healthy, our lifestyle choices are important.
Normally, our hormonal rhythms cycle around the 24 hour clock, cortisol peaks in the morning to give us our fuel for the day and slowly decreases as the day goes by, with melatonin surging in the evening as the cortisol drops, telling our bodies it is time to slow down and prepare for rest.
With modern technology, artificial lights, and crazy schedules, we often overrule our bodies normal patterns, and then can run into sleeping difficulties.
Research is showing us that use of computers and cell phones prior to sleep can interfere with our sleep. At the minimum you should avoid using your cell phone and computers 1 hour before bed.
If you are having sleep difficulties, setting the stage for rest is important. If you tend to worry about the next day, prepare a list for the next day, then set it aside knowing you have prepared.
Turn the lights down, play soothing music, steep some chamomile tea.
For severely disrupted sleep cycles, taking melatonin (1-3) mg at 8pm can help to reset your body clock and you may find it more helpful than just taking it right at bedtime.
Without refreshing sleep your body will not work at its optimum, normal cleansing processes will be less efficient and your body will not heal and repair to its best ability!
Good sleep habits and 8-9 hours of refreshing sleep is the foundation for healthy lifestyle habits!

Sleep Well

Dr. Anette