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Prolotherapy, ligament reconstruction therapy (LRT), regenerative injection therapy (RIT), sclerotherapy, PRP, Stem Cells, Mesotherapy, Neural therapy, NPT/Lyftogt Technique.


What are these treatments? What do they do? How can they help your pain?
These are all different types of injection therapies that can help pain. They not only help pain, but they help stimulate the body to heal and repair.
Injection therapies can be extremely helpful in stimulating your body to heal and recover. Traditionally steroids and local anesthetics have been used, however, there are serious potential side effects that can occur with steroids and there are limitations to how often they can be given.
In addition – these steroid injections do nothing to change the problem other than providing temporary relief – if acutely inflammed and swollen nerves or tissues are involved. These injection therapies such as prolotherapy provide non-surgical alternatives for treatment.
Prolotherapy is our first focus. Prolotherapy is an injection technique that was developed by Dr. Hackett in the 30’s. The American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine provides ongoing education and workshops in non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal pain and prolotherapy is one of the approaches taught.
Prolotherapy involves the use the dextrose (sugar water) and lidocaine (local anesthetic) into the areas of pain and dysfunction: joints, ligaments and tendons. There are other solution combinations that can be used, but dextrose and lidocaine are the basic starting solutions.
The injection of needle to bone triggers the healing cascade, and stimulates the body to heal. The solutions enhance this process. What we don’t know is why it has stopped in the first place.
There is increasing evidence seen through ultrasound studies that the lax and degenerated tissues: heal and repair, and that normal structure is restored.
A series of injections every 4-6 weeks is usually required, although there are some who do well just after one or two sessions, and others, who may have had significant trauma who require many sessions to reach their goal.
Prolotherapy can be a viable option in your recovery from pain!