"Paralyzing Perfection"

Spring is here! Well, in some parts of the country. In Illinois, we still have cold and snow in the forecast!


Spring is a time of energy and growth. Time to start getting outside more, into fresh air and sunshine. The first quarter of the year is drawing to an end, some resolutions long forgotten, others successfully met. Everyday is an opportunity to make a choice for life and wellness.
Our health is something precious and needs to be our priority. It is more than just what we eat, but a balance of all that makes us human. The Institute for Integrative Medicine has a circle of life model which I find very useful:

As you consider the circle, how balanced are you in these areas of your life? Knowing you areas to improve on how often do you tell yourself, tomorrow I will start to……..go to bed earlier, eat better, exercise more……..and tomorrow never comes!
Or the situation is just not quite right to start, or you need to get everything perfect and in order first, or…………
Don’t wait, there will never be a perfect moment. Look at your circle of life, if you feel very balanced and content in an area you put a dot at the outer red edge of the circle, if you are not content and feel out of balance your dot goes to the center of the circle. Is your circle in balance?
Start today, pick one area that you want to improve and make a choice that takes you closer to balance.
Don’t let the paralysis of perfection (this was a phrase used in course I am taking and it is a great descriptor!) stop you from moving forward!
Good health, healing and feeling well needs balance in all areas of your life!
Have a happy healthy day!
Dr. Anette