Help for Your Pain - Detoxification Bath

Being in pain presents a challenge. Seeking ways to get relief and trying to find and eliminate the cause can often be challenging. The evidence continues to accumulate that at least 60% (if not more) of the population is magnesium deficient. This mineral is important in many pathways in the body and we will consider the effects of magnesium in a future blog.


A simple tool that can provide relief for all types of pain is the detoxification bath. Many people have taken epsom salt baths for relief of aches and pains, but this combination of epsom salt (magnesium salts), baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, seems especially helpful.
There are some who claim there is no evidence that the salt baths make any difference, but thye majority of our patients who try them find them helpful. It is a safe, inexpensive tool to try.
Claims have been made that you will absorb magnesium from the bath. There is some evidence that this does happen, however more studies need to be done. 1 The study that was done used 2 cups of epsom salt in a standard sized bath (about 15 gallons of water). Dr. Teitelbaum, a leading expert and researcher in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome references this bath in his book “From Fatigued to Fantastic” on page 297.
The skin is an amazing organ-medicines and poisons of all types can be absorbed through the skin, as evidenced by a wide array of medications that are made in cream, gel and patch formulations. While there may not be double blind studies which show how this works or that people feel better with statistical certainty, it is simple and safe to try.
The recipe is as follows:
Detoxification Bath
2 cups epsom salt
1 cup baking soda
1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide (3%)
Other variations of the bath include plain epsom salt, plain hydrogen peroxide, or just hot water with nothing added.
Fill the tub with hot water (as hot as you can comfortably tolerate) and the above ingredients (if you have a deep large soaking tub, you can double or triple the amounts). Soak for 20-30 minutes. You will sweat in the tub and lose toxins as well as improve circulation.
It is important to drink plenty of water prior to or during the bath. You can make fresh lemon juice and mix with water if you desire, this aides in fluid replacement and detoxification.
If you have a tendency to get light headed easily, be cautious when getting out of the tub. You will want to take a tepid shower to rinse the salts off after the bath or you will itch.
Rest for 30 minutes after the bath. This is important and part of the therapeutic process.
Good for: general cleansing and detoxification, preparation for more intensive detoxification, general aches and muscle pains, aches and pains from over exertion and fatigue.
Happy Bathing!
Drs. Anette and Abdel
Synergy Health Care
1. Report on Absorption of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) across the skin. Dr RH Waring.