Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

FLAX SEEDS – Bits of Health for you!


Flax Seeds are an easy way to boost your daily nutrition. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids they are a useful addition to to your diet in combating inflammation. Two tablespoons of flax seed provide you with 132.9 percent daily value of omega-3 fatty acids for the day.
The seeds are also high in magnesium – two tablespoons will provide you with almost 55 mg of magnesium.
The controversy has raged over whether or not heat destroys the health benefits of flax seeds. Recent studies (1) tested the omega-3 content after heat exposure from 15 minutes to 3 hours and omega-3 fatty acid levels did not diminish. Temperatures up to 300 degrees F (150 C) were used. This is good news for those wanting to add flax seeds to their baked goods.
It is important to note that you must grind them before adding them, we cannot digest the hard coating on the outside of the seed, so to get any benefit, grind them in a spice grinder, coffee mill, or powerful blender.
A favorite recipe we have is a very simple Flax Seed Cookie Recipe. I found the original recipe in the cookbook “Of These Ye May Freely Eat” My modification is to use any type of nut butter instead of peanut butter, especially for people with chronic health issues, due to the high mold content in peanuts.

Nut Butter Flax Seed Cookies
*1 cup nut butter of your choice (i like to use raw crunchy almond nut butter, cashew nut butter will give a softer cookie)
*3/4 cup honey (you may substitute brown rice syrup is desired)
*1/2 teaspoon salt
*2 cups flax seed
Stir together the nut butter, honey and salt. Grind 1 cup of the flax seed (blender, coffee grinder, food processor) and stir into the nut butter mixture. Grind the remaining flax seed and mix in. The dough will be thick and at this point hand mixing works the best, or a strong food processor. Shape into cookies. 1 1/2 tablespoon size scoop will give about 2 1/2 dozen cookies. Place on a oiled cookie sheet, or use silver foil. Let cool ten minutes before removing from cookie sheet.
At 1 1/2 tablespoon size scoop each cook will have about 1 tablespoons of flax seed, two cookies will give you 2 tbs worth of flax seed. They taste great, and are very filling, travel well and for those that love chocolate look like dark chocolate cookies.

1. Aliani M, Ryland D, and Pierce GN. Effect of flax addition on the flavor profile of muffins and snack bars. Food Research International, Volume 44, Issue 8, October 2011, Pages 2489-2496. 2011