Happy New Year - Recovery, Restoration and Rejuvenation!

The new year is already 7 days old. We all have been through the process of setting goals, and falling short. We only fail, if we stay fallen and don’t get up and keep going! Last year, (and it seems like just yesterday) I started with some blogs on cleansing. Did you try some detoxing and cleansing?


While the start of the new year is a time of change, leading a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process of growth, change and personal discovery. Health, healing, and recovery from acute and chronic illness ultimately depends on how we live. It depends on how we feed our body, mind and spirit. It depends on the paths in life we choose to take.
We have all heard the saying that “We are what we eat”, Joshua Rosenthal, the author of Integrative Nutrition – Feed your Hunger for Health & Happiness, which I am reading for a nutrition course, has made some interesting observations on a phenomenon that he has termed “Cross Species Transference” .
This theory asserts that character traits can be passed from animals to humans. In essence you become more like the species that you eat. He observed in his clients facial features and behaviors and was able to identify the primary meats that they ate. Add genetically modified food into the mix and it should make you want to be extra careful about what you put into your mouth.
A favorite author of mine discussed this issue nearly 100 years ago stating that: “A meat diet changes the disposition and strengthens animalism. We are composed of what we eat, and eating much flesh will diminish intellectual activity.” Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods. Think about how many of the animals are treated, and the crowded conditions they are raised in and experience before slaughter. The meat is full of stress hormones at the time of slaughter under these conditions.
The judaic and islamic laws regarding the slaughter of animals to be eaten are very specific and also have impact on the the quality of the meat, having a positive impact, minimizing exposure to the harmful chemical soup released at the time of death.
There are case histories of individuals who have received heart and other organ transplants developing cravings for different foods, that they never ate before, liking different music, and other behavior changes, and it was later discovered that those behaviors, likes or dislikes had been behaviors, likes and dislikes of the organ donor. No one fully understands how or why. But it is something to think about.
Are you looking for recovery? restoration? rejuvenation? Start by taking a look at how you are feeding your body, mind and spirit. Is your food alive and full of energy or dead and deteriorating? Rather than following a lengthy list of do’s and don’ts, crowd out the negatives with positive choices. Feed your body, mind and spirit with life giving nourishing food! Start today!
It is my wish for the new year that what I share in the blog and what we add to the website and through our practice, we are able to help you feed your body, mind and spirit with life giving, nourishing food!
Wishing you a Happy, Healthful and Joyful new year!

Drs. Anette and Abdelhadi Mnabhi
Synergy Health Care