Chronic Pain Series - Anexiety

Osteopathic treatment is a useful tool for many problems. Visit our youtube channel: mysynergyhealthcare, to see our video series. If you go to this link you can watch a brief video on osteopathic treatment and anxiety.


Structure and function is interconnected. The brain is our central computer, and the nerves send and receive information to and from the organs of the body. If there is abnormal tension on the nerves, that can create abnormal messages to and from the brain.
The bodies response to abnormal messages can vary, one response can be a sense of anxiety. If you have tight muscles and need to work harder to breath, if your diaphragm is restricted making it harder to take a deep breath, if the bones of your skull are restricted, your brain may respond by creating chemicals that make you feel anxious.
Releasing the pressures in the system, easing tension on the nerves, loosening tight muscles and tissues can alleviate feelings of anxiety and contribute to a feeling of ease and relaxation.
Osteopathy is a potent tool to help your body heal.