Activity is a Law of Life!

A favorite author of mine once wrote that “Activity is a law of life.”


Think about it-without movement there is no life. If your lungs don’t move, there is no life. If your heart stops beating, there is no life. If your blood stops flowing, there is no life. If the electrical currents in your body stop moving, there is not life.
Activity is a law of life!
What does this mean on a practical basis? Everything in our bodies works better when it gets a healthy workout.
First Lady Michelle Obama has been promoting her “Let’s Move” message to Americans. And she is right. We need to move to be well.
Researchers in the Netherlands have found that children who get more exercise have higher GPA’s and score better on standardized tests. It did not matter if the activity was at school or at home.
Children who moved more had better grades in school especially in the basics of english, math and reading (from a review of 14 studies looking at academic performance and exercise). The CDC ( Centers For Disease Control) suggest that children need 1 hour of activity a day to stay healthy.
Additional research in adults shows that exercise is linked with greater productivity and fewer sick days.
Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatment in essence looks at movement. What tissues are moving well and where are there restrictions keeping your body from functioning well? Restrictions in movement lead to pain and dysfunction.
Are you moving enough to feel well? Stay well? Avoid sick days? Maximize your brain power?
Make it a family affair, start by taking a family walk together after supper.
Be active! Be alive!