A Thousand Mile Journey Begins With One Step (Chinese Proverb)-So Does Transforming Your Health!

At the beginning of the year thoughts always turn to change and a fresh start. In reality each day is an opportunity for a fresh start and a new beginning.
Medicine focuses often on a specific symptom, in a specific system. The whole person and their environment is not considered in general. In seeking health and healing it is important to recognize that it is an ongoing journey. There is not one pill, or the perfect diet, of the perfect supplement from some exotic location that will lead to health and healing.
The path to health and healing is a way of living on a daily basis.
Research going back for years, indicates there are three top issues that contribute to 80% of the diseases and illnesses that develop. The top three factors are: Tobacco Smoking, Nutrition, and Physical Activity. 80% of disease is attributable and impacted by tobacco smoking, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. Watch for the details on that research in the next blog.
Quitting smoking if you smoke; eating pure healthy fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains; and engaging in physical activity will help you heal from the majority of illnesses, and prevent the majority of illnesses!
There is no deductible with this plan, no copay, no coinsurance! One step at a time in the right direction. Crowding out the bad choices, by adding in the good. One piece of fruit, one vegetable, one nut at a time!
Start your journey today!
To your ongoing health journey,
Drs. Anette & Abdel