Becoming A Patient

Share Your Story

Your care begins with a comprehensive assessment and a review of your history (completed by you in advance). We listen to your story and complete a detailed physical and structural examination. Tests such as bloodwork and imaging studies will be ordered based on your history and any important findings on your physical examination and structural examination.

Tools to Facilitate Healing

After we collect your information, we put it all together to try and determine the cause of your problems.
A plan will be put together drawing from the tools we use to help you heal. Our treatment goals are not just to give you relief from your symptoms, but to treat the cause – eliminating the problem!
Your treatment will include: Osteopathic treatment including Cranial osteopathy; food as medicine, balanced nutrition, herbs and supplements when possible; and an emphasis on achieving a healthy lifestyle with balance in sleep and rest, water intake, fresh air, activity, nutrition, trust and healthy relationships, and lifestyle balance.
An individualized approach will be applied for your health and wellness needs. We move beyond traditional allopathic and chiropractic approaches embracing a comprehensive Osteopathic approach to healing and wellness.Regenerative Medicine from building a healthy lifestyle to the latest regenerative medicine techniques such as Platelet Rich Plasma Injections and Regenerative Medicine Injections are some of the many tools we have available to help you heal. 

Problems We Treat

*Muscle and joint aches and pains-acute and chronic

*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


*Autonomic Dysfunction




*Patients of all ages who want to feel better